Svelte Men | "At Svelte Men™ we are passionate about creating products which are simple, affordable and yield exceptional results. We are committed to offering men not only the basic essentials, but also making them better by combining only the highest quality ingredients and simple, easy to use packaging."

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WOLACO | "In the neighborhood of TriBeCa, New York the WOLACO concept was conceived as a solution to modern day deficiencies in fitness apparel. Carrying an iPhone during exercise should be effortless, and keeping your valuables safe and dry should be an option."

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GoodMusicAllDay | "Since 2009, GoodMusicAllDay (aka GMAD) has established itself as the leading music website for the college market. With a focus on showcasing upcoming artists, GMAD prides itself on covering all genres including Hip-Hop, Electronic, Pop, Indie, RnB, Jam Bands, and many more!"